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Gràcies Pep. 

When I came to the club, you were there.  A lot of what I love about Barcelona is wrapped in you as a person.  You were the voice, the club made corporeal.  You, as well as your players, were the reason why we were proud.  Who could not be proud to have such a classy, passionate, and sincere person at the helm?  You’ve given so much of yourself to this club throughout your life, from ball boy to legendary coach. (And you’ve given us the best parting gift all things considered, Tito Villanova.) As a culé, thank you so much for what you have done for Futbol Club Barcelona. 

As a person, still young in life and still able and willing to learn and grow, I think you even more for your example.  Hearing your voice, reading your words, watching your actions, I have learned what class means and that decency still exists in the world.  It is so rare to be exposed to goodness on such a regular basis.  You are truly a hero of mine (and very little of it is directly related to the football—and we all know it was some beautiful football).

As I sit here crying for a person I have never met, may never meet, and yet feel like I know, at least a little bit, I am humbled, grateful, sad, resigned, and a number of other emotions I can’t name at the moment. I’m trying not to eulogize you because you are not dead.  You’re just taking a well deserved rest.  And what is more, your legacy and impact on the club lives on.

T'estimo Josep.