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Australian Open 2012

5-7 6-4 6-2 6-7(5) 7-5

Congrats Nole.  Job done.

But Rafael! Congrats to you! You dug deep and came back strong.  Luck wasn't on your side, but I wish commentators would see you and see that you are one of the greatest tennis players ever to grace this sport. Without doubt, you are my favorite ever (sorry Andre).

I try really hard not to hate Djokovic because really, it's not him. (Sure his smug face makes me want to punch something, but that's neither here nor there.) It's the commentators and the narratives they spin.  I don't understand their unwillingness to give Rafa props, to acknowledge the blessing he has given us.

The gushing over Novak stings because they refused to do the same for Rafa. And that's when he was beating--and continues to beat--Roger Federer, arguably the greatest of all time.  Of all time

I see this final as a good step forward.  Sure, Rafa lost (a match he made sporting by taking it to a very competitive and exciting fifth match). But he improved on his performance last year both by making it to the final and by taking it to five sets. 

I look forward to the season to come (but not to the narratives spun).


also, some day I'll finish my Rafa meta started after the 2011 US Open, but today's not that day.